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Why Us ?

Well, aside from being a super cool group of people:

  • We can help build and grow your business.

  • We won’t disappear. We stick around after launch.

  • Starts at just $55.99 per month + $89 per page to build.

  • We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Our support staff will become an extension of your team.

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A website is more than just a portal of information, it’s the frontline for your first impressions


Affordable !

Why spend buckets of money hiring an agency or designer ?


Time !

Why waste your time trying to build a website yourself?


Support !

We dont vanish....We assist post launch!

At TransTech we design & develop websites that perform perfectly for our clients, their visitors and web browsers too

Static Website

Static Website

Just looking for something that gets your information out there? Then try one of our static website packages. Static website development is the best way to easily convey information about your products or services to the masses in a way that is consistent and super streamlined. You can also use these types of sites to create things like sales funnel pages, upcoming launch sites, and more!

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Dynamic Website

Dynamic Website

When you want more out of your website, then making it more dynamic is what you’ll need to do. Maybe you want to create tailored or unique shopping experiences for specific customers, enable different things to happen on the fly depending on certain user interactions, or maybe you’d like to just enable user-generated content to be posted. No matter what you desire, deploying a dynamic responsive website is going to be your best option for getting it done, and the team at TTS would definitely be interested in helping you bring your dreams, concepts and ideas to life.

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Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce Website

Whether you're looking to upgrade an existing ecommerce site or launch something completely new on a platform like Magento, Woocommerce, Opencart, or Shopify, we’ve got the in-depth knowledge and know how to help you bring it to fruition. Our team is intimately familiar with customized ecommerce website development and the need for these sites to be fully responsive on mobile devices, SEO friendly, compatible with all browsers, and capable of integrating with all forms of payment gateways.

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Responsive website

Responsive website

In today’s day and age, it is more likely than not that users are going to be interacting with your website on some form of mobile device - be it a smartphone, tablet or some other device. This is why it’s critically important to ensure that your website is 100% responsive to all forms of mobile devices, to ensure the user experience is not a one-and-done situation. The first step in that process is ensuring that you choose a responsive web design company that can handle the task.

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Corporate Website

Corporate Website

In the world of corporate web design and development, it’s all about the optics. Not giving prospective customers the kind of impression that they were hoping for by visiting your company’s website, might be the difference between the loss or gain of a sale. This is where the collaboration of our developers, designers and strategists come together to position your company online as an undisputed industry leader, not to be second guessed by anyone.

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Custom website

Custom website

Do you really want to stand out from the crowd? Then don’t rely on out-of-the-box solutions that promise you the world, and fail time and time again to come through on those promises. Trust the team at TTS to be your custom website design company, and we’ll give you the kind of site you need, for the exact kind of purposes your business exists to provide.

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Optional Add-ons

Sometimes you need a little more to really pull it all together.

Custom Domain Registration:
  • Contact us for domain pricing

Adding additional pages to your website:
  • $139 per new page

Email address with your custom domain:
  • $70 per year (or $5 per month) for each professional email address
  • Includes the account set up for you

Modify your website:
  • $70 per new page for major changes once the website is live

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**   When you signup within 36 hours of demo


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